Addition, an online Quality Management System

Addition is a Business Process Management solution that perfectly fits your Quality Management needs. Your company can use a powerful “engine” to manage all the documents and the processes of the Quality system. At the same time, you can use the same Web solution for many other business needs. It’s born to integrate itself with other systems you already use, such as ERP. Moreover, all users can access to every information they need using their preferite browser and the device they want, PC or tablet. Without installing anything: it’s a Web application.



Modules no more, it’s an all-in-one software for your Quality



Using Addition your company can “build” a customized Quality Management System. At the same time, you can manage ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO OHSAS 18001 and other ISO families with a single software solution. For ISO 9001:2015, Addition helps to ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits. No modules, you have the whole package: documents amd modules, processes, non-conformance, corrective and preventive actions, audits, training and maintenance activities. If you have to manage a new task or issue, you can create new document libraries (document containers), configure their workflow and meet the needs of the moment. If other needs arise, you already have the solution, ready to use.

The Addition’s home page is your Quality Management System dashboard, all customizable. You can see all the document libraries you can access to, the information you’ve to approve, the last documents you edited and many other things. Moreover, it can include also other document and processes, news and external data (as links and web pages). It’s possible to have a full view on your own activities, even if they are contained in different document libraries. You can see the corrective and preventive actions and also the audit that generates them.



On-premises or SaaS, you’re always online



The main advantage of this system: it’s a web based application. You can install it on your company’s serverfarm (on-premises formula) or you can use your cloud storage. It’s possible to use Addition as a SaaS (Software as a Service): this eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation and support.
You pay for the service using a pay-as-you-go model. This scalability allows your company to decide how to manage all the ISO processes in a customized way.

What really matters is you reach your documents wherever you are, not just in the office. Using the browser you prefer, you can access all information with laptop or tablet. Find the data you’re looking for, appove a modified document, write a new document when you need. It’s possible to configure notifications to send information by e-mail to all interested parties. The authorized users can manage the application configuration area in the same way of the users: via browser.




Addition integrates itself with all other systems


A efficient Quality Management System must improve collaboration between different people and different offices. Addition has been designed and improved to do it. The non-conformance management is often one of the most complex process of a Quality System. Using Addition a user registers all the problem’s information (specific problem, plant, building site and all other requested data) using his laptop or tablet, directly in the field. He can include photos or other documents. This task is automatically assigned to the competent organizational unit, according to workflow configuration. The people assigned to manage this specific task can check it immediately (they see it in their Addition’s dashboard and they receive a notification by e-mail) and evaluate possible corrective and preventive actions. All users need is a device and an Internet connection.

Addition manages different languages and different companies of a Group. It supports you and the colleagues of other braches to find, create and manage quality, environmental and security issues in the easiest an fastest way. In many companies, the ISO processes are often managed by different modules, software or systems. Several times they’re not integrated and users have to fill the information manually from e-mails. Addition manages all activities with the same logic. This makes the work of staff easier: users optimize their training time and improve efficiency, managers see an increased productivity and a cost reduction by using a single software solution.



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Big versatility, limited investment


Versatility is Addition’s main strength: this software is already used in large multinational companies and, at the same time, in smaller but dynamic SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). As a matter of fact, we want customers to be autonomous in using this solution so we give them a very flexible and adaptable IT solution for their needs.

Let’s talk about costs. Addition can be purchased with the on-premises formula: an “una tantum”license and an annual maintenance support. You can choose to use it as a service (SaaS), paying an annual fee. You decide how many users you need to involve. If you need to add other users, we can do it later. As a result, there are no problem of additional costs for additional modules: when you buy it, you have all the software features at your disposal. First of all, a very powerful and highly configurable workflow engine. You pay only for the ISO document libraries you really need. Chosing Addition, you have the full support of a company that manage these documents and processes for more than 20 years. If you want to know the price, just ask for it. After a demo.



Different systems and ERPs: Addition is always available online


Addition can be integrated with the ERP and other systems used by your company. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or another one, it’s our job. In the first place, if your company uses IBM Domino/Notes, Addition integrates the same application logic: we built it on this collaborative client-server software platform. Equally, if your company uses other IT platforms, such as Windows, Addition can easily integrate with them to have a powerful BPM Web application at your disposal. In both cases your company achieves its target: more efficiency, more productivity.