Easy-of use, customization and speed of execution: these’re the main benefits Addition can guarantee to your company. It’s a Web application that give a powerful “engine” to your organization to manage many business processes. First of all, you can create your own Quality Management System using a powerful software of Business Software Management (BPM). Flexible and secure, Addition can integrate itself with other IT systems already used in the company, as ERP (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and many others).


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An all-in-one solution, modules no more


Using Addition your company builds its own and customized procedures to manage documents, processes, invoices (and e-invoices) and much more. Choosing one solution you can manage the ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system and, at the same time, many other processes. If new other document management needs arise, you have the right solution in place, ready to use.


L'interfaccia di Addition



Born to integrate with other systems


Improving collaboration between different people and different offices in a complete and secure way. If your company wants to achieve this target, the answer is Addition. It’s a collaborative and multilingual Web solution for Business Process Management. It’s ready to support every person in searching, creating and archiving information in the easiest way. The integration with your ERP is a priority and Addition has been built to work with other systems.


In many companies different document processes are managed by different software. Often, they’re not designed to work with other systems. Addition, instead, can manage different processes with the same logic. The managers and all the staff use the same features to manage different things, the company optimize their training time, increase productivity and optimize costs.


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Great flexibility and versatility, limited costs


Addition allows your company to manage the evolution of their processes in total autonomy, planning timing and procedures. Versatility is its main strength: our customers must be autonomous in using this solution. Talking about the budget to invest to purchase it, it’s a smaller investment than many other software on the market.

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SaaS/Cloud or on-premises: it’s up to you


Addition is used with any browser. You can work without problems with the PC in the office and with the tablet in a meeting by a customer, without installing anything. It was built on IBM Domino because it offers tangible benefits in terms of personalization, flexibility and collaboration.


If your company uses the IBM Domino/Notes platform, Addition will integrate the application logic that it knows very well. If your business uses other solutions, Addition finds a powerful Web application that easily integrates with other systems.


Obiettivo raggiunto in entrambi i casi: più efficienza, più produttività.


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What Addition can do for you


Invoices and e-invoices, e-archive, protocol numbers.

Quality Management System

QMS: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and many others.

Sales and Marketing

Commercial offers, estimates and Customer Relationship Management.

Human resources

Monitoring of projects and employees’ activities, holiday and hours of leave management, Curriculum Vitae and employees’ professional growth monitoring.

Purchases and procurement

Procurement management with dedicated workflow

Top Management and Operations

Project management, R&D, tender and funding management, legal documents cycle, security documentation cycle.
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