Usare Addition per gestire la fatturazione elettronica

Using Addition to manage electronic billing and e-invoices


E-invoice management for companies and governments 

Addition is a document management and Business Process Management software. A very powerful solution for the electronic invoices and billing processes of your company. This solution can manage the e-invoice processes related to the public sector procurement. In Italy, this is mandatory for ministries, tax agencies and national security agencies since March 2015. Addition is used by companies too and the “B2B invoice” will be mandatory in Italy from January 1, 2019.

The evolution of the electronic invoice in Italy

After its introduction on the Italian public sector procurement in 2015, the electronic invoicing is extending its role. In the private sector, the e-invoices is mandatory for companies (B2B) and people (B2C) from the beginning of 2019. In both cases, a central role is played by the Sistema di Interscambio (Exchange System). This is the IT platform of the Italian Revenue Agency responsible for receiving invoices (in a specific format), carrying out checks and forwarding them to recipients. However, the Exchange System “has no administrative role and does not perform tasks related to archiving and preserving invoices”.The format of electronic invoices is a specific XML file, already used since 2017.


In 2017, 98% of the 2.7 million electronic invoices managed by the Exchange System was composed by public sector ones but the situation is expected to change very quickly.


Italian Legislator decided to make B2B e-invoicing mandatory since July 2018. Two important deadlines have to be put in agenda: on July 1, 2018 B2B e-invoicing will become mandatory for companies engaged in petrol sales and for sub-contractors to suppliers in public procurement; on January 1, 2019 B2B e-invoicing will become mandatory for all companies. It’s therefore expected to quickly reach more than a billion of e-invoices in Italy.

Documents digitalization in Italy, as in Europe, is an irreversible and necessary process. These processes have to be managed in a new and very different way from now, where paper still plays an important role. Companies and people need to have specific IT solutions to manage the digitalization of the invoices and, obiously, their digital archiving and preservation. Addition e la fattura elettronica PA e B2B A document management platform for e-invoices processes: Addition

The Addition software is already used to manage all the e-invoices processes for the Italian public sector. At the same time, it’s a Web-based software ready to support the digitalization of the invoicing processes by now. This Business Process Management solution offers clear benefits:

> it integrates iteself with the ERPs to manage the invoices and the data classification of the documents;
> It creates the XML file of the invoice and it sends it to the Exchange System (that works as a Delivery service, transmitting each invoice to the addressed administration and company);
> It manages the XML invoices received from the Exchange System;
> It manages all the messages exchanged with the Exchange System about customers and providers;
> It manages the archiving processes of the e-invoices and store them in a legally compliant electronic archive (e-archive), as the Law required.


All electronic invoices are always available on Addition: using a simple browser, users not only can see the documents but, above all, their status (received, processed, ongoing).

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