Using Addition for administrative purposes

Using Addition for administrative purposes


Invoice management (accounts receivable and accounts payable)

Addition can support Administration managers and their offices to manage all the accounts receivable and account payable processes in a more efficient way. First of all, the software integrates itself with the ERP (e.g. SAP) used by the company. Consequently, employees can consult documents directly from the ERP (they can open the PDF, too) or through Addition. The project managers no longer must enter the ERP system, they can operate directly from Addition. Moreover, the software has some add-ons that help you to optimize some activities. One of these, reDoc, manages the scanning and optical recognition of the barcodes that contain the invoice data, the priority phase of the archiving process.


E-archiving (legally compliant electronic archive)

Addition can support companies in the archive dematerialization process. Using this software, your digital documents guarantee all the requisites of a good e-archiving process ensuring their reliability, authenticity, integrity and usability at all times. Addition can help users to manage the entire process of creating, approving and submitting the document in storage. The system allows you to monitor the whole process, integrating with the other systems company use.

Furthermore, it’s possibile to develop a customized connector to send or receive the documents automatically. This connector has to be created working with the X DataNet team. It’s integrated with a system managed by our partners but there is no problem to adapt it to another provider, chosen by the customer.


E-invoices management

As companies advance into the digital era, more and more are switching to electronic invoicing services to automate their accounts payable departments. Addition is ready to help companies to manage this processes from beginning to end. The software acquires data from the ERP management system, creates the file (XML, PDF and other format, adapting to different standards) and sends it. Moreover, it manages the responses from other systems and providers/customers. Finally, Addition help users to manage the e-archiving steps.

All invoices submitted to digital storage storage can be consulted directly on Addition. Using a simple browser, you can see all the data and the status of the document.


Protocol management

Addition allows you to easily manage all company document flows, both incoming and outgoing. In other words, it’s a single platform able to adapt to the most varied needs of SMEs or large companies. Document management includes a protocol system to record the sending and receiving of documents, indexing them through numerous search keys. Through the Addition interface, you can search all information and share company documents with other users.