Using Addition for Sales and Marketing

Using Addition for Sales and Marketing


Commercial offers

Addition can be an integrated Document Management platform for the commercial and production offices. A very useful solution to create, send and check the status of commercial offers. The software not only deals with the calculation part and the production of the documents, it’s a complete solution to support all the documental processes related to the commercial structure. Certainly, users can create documents in different languages, to adapt to the markets where the company operates, including details about the products, the data of suppliers and customers, the price lists and trade discounts. Some processes can be managed manually or automatically, such as sending the offer with the related attachments and managing the outcomes. The flexibility of the software is at the disposal of the users.



Using Addition every company can organize a customized systemy for the realization of quotes. Checking the period of validity become easy and it’s possible to activate notifications and reminders to ensure that sales managers contact customers in the right time.



Addition can be a very useful tool for Customer Relationship Management needs. This solution can be integrated with the CRM to manage all the documents (offers, quotes, contracts, orders, opportunities, projects, etc.). Moreover, Addition can check deadlines and renewals, notifying specific alerts to managers.