Using Addition for many document management processes

Using Addition for many document management processes


Project Management

Addition can be used as an integrated system to create and define priorities and deadlines for various projects. It makes easier to search for documents and related information. Moreover, it has versioning features to keep under control every step of the project documents.



Addition is a collaborative tool can be used to monitor all R&D activities. Documents and updated information can be available to the people involved in specific projects, according to their role and access rights. Addition can be used to monitor any deadlines, creating customized workflows.


Tenders and funds

Addition can manage the workflow and the large amount of documentation required for tenders and funds. It facilitates the coordination between the people involved in the projects. It helps to control timing and deadlines, also using e-mail notifications.


Legal procedures

Using Addition, the Legal offices can create different files and permissions to allow access to legal documents only to specific managers or work groups.



Addition can be customized to organize and manage company security procedures. The software supports the compilation of the risk assessment document and facilitates the updating of the personal profiles of workers. Secuity managers have always updated information about employees, security documents and manuals.