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Artificial intelligence and governance is a must-win challenge for X DataNet

Nowadays X DataNet is a reference company in Italy for the development of technological solutions for Corporate Governance processes. There are hundreds of Italian companies, organizations and cooperatives that use X DataNet software like: CDA ON BOARD, Assemblea and BLIN DATA ROOM for the management of corporate governance processes and to make fundamental decisions for their future. This scenario must face the great technological revolution of our times, Artificial Intellingence. This is why, X DataNet is working on structured methodologies to face and win this challenge.

Artificial Intelligence is changing our way of thinking and of using technology, but we need to answer a question: How can AI be really useful? We support Italian companies with software for Corporate Governance management and that means solutions that provide managers with right insights at the right time to make increasingly effective choices in Boards of Directors, during voting sessions in general assemblies and during minutes’ or contracts’ drafting. However, it is the human being who takes on its responsibility for these activities. This is our challenge: provide software with AI integration that can work together with human beings and make them more efficient and secure.

Alessandro Trionfini, CEO of X DataNet

Inside X DataNet’s teams and laboratories, technical staff is testing the use of AI in the available solutions and in all products that are currently in development phase. Thanks tomore than ten years of experience in Corporate Governance processes, the exigencies of people involved in these processes such as Legal Representatives, General Counsels and CFOs are quite clear. X DataNet’s Governance suite will experiment important innovations in this sense in 2024.

Interesting applications regarding AI for Corporate Governance are a lot. Provide relevant information before BoD or minutes in a quick way is fundamental, however the same goes for protection of particularly relevant information (such as insider information). Data aggregation to create models and documents (reports, contracts and more) and procedures’ readiness to comply with the numerous new legislations are very interesting topics as well and X DataNet is testing their possible applications.

In order to better understand the best road to take, market scenarios will play a significant role. Great players are investing huge amounts in this industry, and it is foreseeable that, as already happened in the past, one of these will become the reference company and will define the priorities in the sector. As an example, Microsoft proved to be ready to invest in AI potentialities and to provide companies with solutions like the assistant guided by generative AI for its products.

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