Assemblea: gestire tutta l'assemblea con un software

An easy-to-use, customized and complete solution to manage the shareholders’ meetings. Assemblea is a software especially relevant for companies, banks, cooperatives and associations want to manage efficiently these crucial events. Most noteworthy, is provided with a full service that includes different voting systems (including Audience Response System and online voting). Therefore we work for twenty years in the shareholders’ meetings management and we provide a very high-quality support.


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A client-server solution, Assemblea allows your managers to manage the shareholder meeting in a complete and secure way. It’s possible to manage the shareholder meeting registration, monitoring the data in real time. It integrates different voting systems to meet every need. Thanks to a very intuitive interface, users can learn to use all the main features in a quick and easy way. It’s a very useful advantage: this solution has to be used a couple of times in a year and there’s no time to organize long training sessions.

Assemblea service integrate innovative technological solutions such as smartphones and tablets. It also integrates an Audience Response System to allow large groups of people to vote for the new Board of Directors and for the annual budgetary approval, having the result in real time.

A full support for voting at the shareholders meeting

  • Voting Smart - Open vote management using smartphone and the app Assemblea

    Shareholder data on barcode/QRCode, scan with smartphone app, real time check-up of information, full report about the results of the vote.

  • Voting Scan - Paper ballots automized scan

    Scan of the paper ballots using an high-speed professional scanner integrated with Assemblea software, real-time ballot, full report about the results of the vote.

  • Voting Pad - Specialized Audience Response System for shareholder meeting

    Real-time voting using state of the art ARS devices, specific features for shareholder meeting, highest level of data safety, results available in less than a minute.

  • Voting Box - Electronic voting booth

    Paperless voting using a device with touch screen (barcode/QRCode scan for shareholder identification), real-time ballot, full report about the results of the vote.

  • Online Voting - A dedicated Web Portal

    An Online Voting Portal to access with username and password chosen by every company. Data are analyzed in real time. Integrated streaming service. Full reports available in a short time.

We support the shareholder meetings of many Italian banks for 20 years. We work with listed and not-listed banks, our software can manage all the shareholder data processed by their systems. Moreover, we collaborate with the main Italian cooperative banks. We also give our support to companies, cooperatives, consortia, associations and federations.

Assemblea is Windows 10 compatible.

Assemblea is supported by X DataNet on the following editions of Windows 10 -Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and/or Windows 10 Enterprise. Assemblea is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including – Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and the following Long-Term Servicing branch(es) – Anniversary Update.