BLIN DATA ROOM is a Virtual Data Room that allows you to securely manage information and documents related to due diligence operations as M&A, IPO, fundraising and private placements. This Data Room combines a secure environment to share data and an easy-to-use solution to find information as quick as possibile. The managers have no need to install anything, they can use any device (PC, tablet, and smartphone) and any browser. They can access to the same documents simultaneously, everyone sees only the digital documentation reserved to him. All data is always updated and can be accessed 24 hours a day. No more waste of time, no need of phone calls and e-mails. For any question, there’re Q&A and discussion features. One of the best data rooms available for the Italian market.



A secure, customized and easy-to-use Virtual Data Room


When you need a Virtual Data Room, you know we’re talking about very important documents to share. Data protection has to be the top priority. BLIN DATA ROOM offers a safe and reliable environment, a fundamental requirement for every due diligence operation. Regarding to the protection of the information, this VDR is based on roles for access control and custom permissions. Users must use their personal credentials – username and password – to access and it’s available the Two-Factor Authentication, if needed. The Virtual Data Room provides high levels of data security through advanced encryption features (AES-128-CTR), as well as a business continuity and disaster recovery.

BLIN DATA ROOM combine the highest levels of security with a remarkable ease of use. Searching content, documents and reports is very easy, thanks to the minimal organization of information. Each user sees only the information he can access, depending on his role. BLIN DATA ROOM do not require particular computer skills or long days of training: if you can use your PC or your tablet, you’re ready to do it. The software also provides powerful full text search features beacuse people have to find what they are looking for as soon as possible.




A Virtual Data Room is an ad hoc environment that has to be active no longer than necessary (months or few years), by definition. The solution is multilingual and so it adapts to the language of each user. It has Q&A capabilities with specific documentation to read. Users can use features of group discussions to ask questions to which recipients should respond (in a public or private way). If you need a help, we provide a contact for support according to the SLA agreed with the company.

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