CDA ON BOARD digitizes your board of directors to secure and streamline your board management processes. Using this software,  you can create, control and share all digital data and documents of the BoDs and the Executive Committees, protecting the information. Users have instant and secure access to the board information on laptops, tablets and smartphones (iPad and Android). First of all, they consult agendas and find documents in a very fast way. Afterwards they can improve their decision making process. Easy as paper  but much safer and cost-efficient. CDA ON BOARD gives the information you need and when you need them to make important decisions.



CDA ON BOARD: digitizes your meetings, no paper needed


The software ensures improvements throughout all the organization processes of a meeting. If you work as secretary for a board of directors, you’ve a complete web portal at you disposal to create the agenda, attach the documents, send the invitations, check-out all the confirmations and create meetings minutes. If you’are a Director or a manager, yon can check the agendas and all the documents using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, wherever you are (online or offline).


Prepare you meetings using CDA ON BOARD


No need to prepare meetings using many different systems. Using CDA ON BOARD, the Board Secretary has a single Web portal to do everything: to create the meeting agenda, choose who’s the people to invite, prepare every meeting’s agenda, insert attachments and documents (PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, images and videos). He can send the meeting notice by e-mail and PEC and verify every answer using CDA ON BOARD.

As a CDA ON BOARD secretary user, you manage only the meeting you have the permissions. You prepare all documents for President, Managers and Directors and they find only customized information on their PC and tablet. They’re automatically updated when you decide to upload, chosing for single file and single end-user, tailored to his role.

Attend your meetings using CDA ON BOARD


No more folders full of sheets, photocopies or e-mail to receive. If you’re a Director or a Manager, you have all agendas and documents inside CDA ON BOARD. Not a simple repository but a complete and secure IT platform to access to all data using your tablet, laptop or smartphone, all customized by your profile. If you still want to use your pen and your notepaper, you use CDA ON BOARD only to see your documents, as you did for the sheets of paper. Easy as that.

CDA ON BOARD is as simple as paper but much safer. You have always updated information, before and during the Board. If you want to check all documents when you’re travelling by train and plane using your tablet, you have only to download the documents: the system decrypt them, then you can read them offline.

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