BLIN DATA ROOM – A VDR made in Italy

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Project Description

A Virtual Data Room must provide three concrete benefits: a secure environment to share information and documents; a customized service for your unique needs; an easy-to-use solution to find information as quick as possibile. BLIN DATA ROOM has been designed and developed by X DataNet to meet these needs.

If you are a company’s manager or a financial/legal advisor, you can use BLIN DATA ROOM to have a secure and always ready environment to collect all the confidential information and make evaluations. You have all the data online and you can read dedicated reports too. Specific users share a large amount of confidential documents and information (not intended for the public) to specific purchasers involved in M&A, tenders and IPOs, typically during a due diligence. This online platform allows experts in various disciplines to examine data minimizing critical issues (loss of time, resources, opportunities, etc.).

Project Details