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We’re an Italian IT company. We’ve been building innovative software and systems since 1995. We started collaborating with large bank and companies and we still go on to working with them to provide easy-to-use and powerful IT solutions to manage their documents and data. Since then our people and our turnover have grown in a constant way. We obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification. However, our approach remains the same: we expand our horizons to meet the needs of a growing market.

Building IT solutions means putting together skills and knowhow to always invent something new. It also means carrying out projects with concrete and measurable targets. We think to achieve our objectives pursuing constant evolution within a solid continuity.

We’re on the IT market from 1995 and this stability is very appreciated by both customers and people. We know that the limitations of our software of today are just new ideas to develop. There’s no perfect software but we work hard to make ours better and better. Our flexibility is the result of a clear choice: every day we listen to our users not only to understand their needs but also our solution’s limit. This allows us to think about new projects and features to overcome them.

Our ideas always born when users face a problem, under different conditions and circumstances. We can manage it because our people has grown together with our solutions and always pursue a precise development project. In our approach, the starting point to build a good IT solution is develop it with commitment and passion. If we do it well, we achieve our business goals.

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