MARTECH is the digital solution which aims at supporting Companies in being compliant to MAR Regulation

Managing Inside Information has never been so easy and secure

MARTECH is the digital solution which aims at supporting Companies in being compliant to MAR Regulation (Market Abuse Regulation). Being compliant to norms and rules concerning the management of Inside Information is a very important step that listed companies, investment companies or companies that issue financial instruments that are listed on regulated markets or negotiated on multilateral trading facilities (MTF or OTF) must deal with.

Under this context, now more than ever companies need a digital, secure and automated procedure to manage inside information and to track all people having access to it in order to avoid risks and sanctions. X DataNet specialises in offering platforms which guarantee that confidential documents are shared in a secure way during Board of Directors and other Committees or in case of due diligences. MARTECH focuses on supporting companies in managing all fulfilments deriving from MAR Regulation.

MARTECH è la soluzione digitale di X DataNet per la gestione delle informazioni privilegiate (MAR)

MAR Regulation and related Norms


Regulation n. 596/2014 (EU) established a specific framework aiming at preventing market abuse. This regulatory context was subsequently enriched by Implementing Regulations (EU) 2016/347 and 2016/1055 which aimed at establishing specific technical norms concerning the communication and the storage of lists of people having access to inside information and by Consob Guidelines entitled “Management of Inside Information” of October 2017. According to this regulatory framework “relevant information” appears to be particularly important. Pieces of information that could potentially become inside information can be described as relevant. The above-mentioned regulations aimed at anticipating the management of this type of information even before it becomes inside information, thus foreseeing adequate mapping and governance of the related details.

MAR Regulation aims at providing univocal guidelines for the correct gathering, registration, circulation, and storage of pieces of information with respect to specific lists and registers such as the RIL (Relevant Information List) and the Insider List (Insider List). Thanks to the Inside Information Management function (introduced by Consob Guidelines) companies must store accordingly every piece of relevant information or of inside information in appropriate registers that must be kept up to date, must be kept for 5 years and must be available by external subjects for controls (such as Consob, the supervisory authority for the Italian financial products market).

MARTECH, il software di X DataNet per il regolamento MAR

MARTECH the complete solution for MAR Regulation Fulfilments


Thanks to MARTECH platform companies can trace the evolution of information types (for example from relevant to inside and/or from inside to public) by marking the corresponding fields. In this way, the designated Responsible for the Management of Inside Information function can manage cases, and also specific situations in which there is a further notification obligation to the Competent Authority (such as in case of publication delay).

MARTECH can concretely accelerate the management of fulfilments such as notifications and guarantees complete compliance to MAR regulatory framework.