The solution for managing insider lists and MAR compliance.

A digital, secure and automated management of insider information and insider list. A solution tailor-made for MAR - Market Abuse Regulation.

With MARTECH you speed up operational compliance management and help ensure full compliance with the regulatory framework. With all the security you need.

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An up-to-date insider list registry.
With a flexible and secure solution.


Insider management is an important issue for all listed companies. Not only that, it is also for investment companies or those that issue financial instruments listed on regulated markets or traded on multilateral trading facilities (MTFs or OTFs). All this companies need a digital, secure and automated platform.

With MARTECH you have software that specializes in managing lists and records inherent in Relevant Information Lists (RILs) and Insider Lists. You increase the efficiency of managing these data and their own protection but, at the same tie, you can also avoid risks and penalties. Efficient governance of corporate information.

You can track the dynamics associated with the development of the information (i.e., from relevant to privileged and/or from privileged to public) by also marking the structure of the different fields to be filled in. In this way, managers in charge of Privileged Information Management, such as the Corporate Affairs function, can also handle cases where other obligations to notify the Competent Authority arise.

MATRTECH gestione registro insider

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