Made for managing documents and data of every meeting.

If you work in a medium/small business and need to manage meetings and documents, this is the software for you. Whether you are a law firm, an accountant or an SME.

Using MEET ON BOARD you organize meetings, share documents and make decisions easily, quickly and securely. A software made for big companies at your disposal.

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MEET ON BOARD il software di X DataNet per il meeting management

Organizing meetings becomes easier.
Safer. Faster.


MEET ON BOARD integrates the experience of hundreds of Boards, committees, assemblies, and colleges with one goal: to help you organize your meetings better. You can create meetings and share information, even confidential information, using an intuitive interface. A powerful document solution is at your disposal to share the information you need to make better decisions.

Even small/medium organizations manage large flows of information. Choosing improvised solutions is neither useful nor safe, nor is abusing e-mail. This requires specialized and versatile software. Sharing important information for your company's future using a secure and reliable platform is priceless.

MEET ON BOARD can be used following your procedures and customs. You prepare the meeting, organize the documents and invite people, as you always have. But halving the time and greatly increasing the levels of information protection. Need reports? The software creates them, based on the data you have uploaded.

MEET ON BOARD, partecipa alle riunioni con smartphone o tablet

A solution that fits you.
To your company. To your legal firm.

The solution for SMEs
The solution for law firms
The solution for every professional team’s meeting

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