Other IT solutions

What we do: help companies to digitize their processes

We’ve developed many customized solutions for medium and large companies. This experience gives the necessary know how to us for developing new and innovative IT solutions. At the same time, it increases our people skills about technologies, business applications and market sectors.

We invest a lot of resources in R&D to build high quality solutions. This approach allows us to evaluate new projects and partnerships, choosing the most useful ideas to achieve our business goals. This means we’re always ready to listen to our customers to provide them with clear and innovative ideas. We’ve all the technological skills to find new answers to their questions.



These’re our skills

Smart metering

We developed IT solutions for remote reading and remote control of gas meters. Our “smart meter” platform can support our sustomers to manage every type of consumption: electricity, gas, heat and water. We’ve competence about Power Metering (electricity consumption) too.

Our software is compliant with the ARERA requirements. ARERA is the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Reti e Ambiente, ARERA), an independent body created to protect consumer interests and promote the competition, efficiency and distribution of services through regulatory and control activities.

Billing for Utilities

We developed a customized project to create a billing software. We’ve all the necessary skills to support Utility companies to manage their billing and customer management functions. This multi-user and multi-service software solution is currently used by Power and Gas utilities in Italy.

Our know how about billing can be very useful for Italian companies. First of all, we have experienced people who support the Utilities to manage and solve their technical issues daily. Furthermore, we’re ready to help companies to be compliant with ARERA requirements and regulatory reporting activities. Our people is our competitive advantage.

Workforce Management

Our software for Workforce management optimizes the technical activities and interventions of maintenance teams. This application, made for industrial tablets, help companies to coordinate the work of their maintenance staff. Every team can manage installation, maintenance and verification activities in the field, using a solution that integrates itself with many devices, such as gas meters.

The technician checks the work orders (ODL in Italy) on his tablet. He gives specific updates about what he’s doing, from the identitication of the problem to the solution he has found. In addition, he can check about interventions to do in nearby plants in real time, optimizing time and costs.

Energy Management and Facility Management

We’ve developed a R&D project to evaluate new innovative solutions and ICT technologies for Energy Management and Facility Management. We won a Regional open call (Emilia Romagna) for implementing Research & Development activities related to Energy Management and Facility Management activities. We truly raised our awareness and know-how among managing this kind of activities.

The R&D projects have concerned an IPS – Indoor Positioning System for detecting people’s presence inside buildings. We’ve also carry on a project of a centralized system to manage different data collected from different systems and sensors to remotely verify the status of the buildings.

Our partners to develop IT solutions

X DataNet is setting up strategic partnerships with important global firms to strengthen its positioning on reference markets.