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We have developed ad hoc solutions to satisfy many needs of Italian companies. By listening to your needs, we built them together with you.

Software to process data contained in PDFs. A platform to manage Utility processes. Solutions that we have developed "tailor-made" for your company.


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ReCheck is the software that processes your PDFs.
And it extracts only the information you need.


You have to manage many types of documents in many different formats every day in your company. ReCheck allows you to process PDFs, XML files and paper documents and obtain consistent and useful information.

The software takes all your documents, locates the data you need, extracts it and checks it. Plus, it transforms them into ready-made files for your management system.


Look at the ReCheck website

MECOMS 365 for Italy.
The application platform of the future for Utilities


An innovative solution ready to welcome the challenges of the future for Italian energy companies. A versatile and always updated application platform. MECOMS' international experience is now able to satisfy the needs of the Italian market.


Look at the MECOMS 365 for Italy website
MECOMS 365 per l'Italia
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