Our software

Our software


An easy-to-use, customized and complete solution to manage the shareholders’ meetings. Assemblea is a software especially relevant for companies, banks, cooperatives and associations want to manage efficiently these crucial events. Most noteworthy, is provided with a full service that includes different voting systems (including Audience Response System and online voting). Therefore we work for twenty years in the shareholders’ meetings management and we can provide a very high-quality support.


A Business Process Management solution for your documents and business processes. Addition is a Web application designed to give to users and companies all the power and the flexibility they need to manage different processes as Quality Management System (ISO), e-invoices and digital “dematerialization” of content. A flexible and collaborative solution that integrates with your IT systems (as ERP) to automate your processes.

A powerful Virtual Data Room to manage information and documents related to a due diligence process. BLIN DATA ROOM is a VDR solution that sets granular access permissions to data and documents during an IPO, M&A, private equity or other business operations. Most of all, the most sensitive information is completely under control. As a result, BLIN DATA ROOM makes secure data management easy so users can focus on all the decisions to take.


Digitize and manage your Board of Directors and Top Management meetings in a completely new way. First of all, CDA ON BOARD is a solution that allows the managers to check diary, documents, notices of convocation and other information only by using their tablet and smartphone. Moreover, the software makes meeting organization easier, overcoming the problems related to using different systems and big folders of paper.

MARTECH, il software per la gestione delle informazioni privilegiate di X DataNet

MARTECH is the digital solution which aims at supporting Companies in being compliant to MAR Regulation (Market Abuse Regulation). Being compliant to norms and rules concerning the management of Inside Information is a very important step that listed companies, investment companies or companies that issue financial instruments that are listed on regulated markets or negotiated on multilateral trading facilities (MTF or OTF) must deal with.


A software that processes your documents automatically (paper or digital, is the same) and makes data for your disposal for accounting, reporting and business analysis. ReCheck is a powerful tool that can extract the data from thousands of documents in a few minutes: invoices, transport documents, purchase orders and many more. In addition, it checks them and detects errors. Finally, it sends the information to your company’s ERP, automatically.