ReCheck is a useful software for 3 reasons: it improves quality in data extraction from paper, PDF and XML; it avoids errors in accounting activities; it saves time of your employees. ReCheck extracts data from your paper documents (it integrates OCR/ICR recognition features) as well as PDF and XML files. The software can process a single file or a folder with thousands of documents. It extracts all the elements (text and data) or the ones you need to check. Finally, all data can automatically be imported into the ERP for account activities, statistics or reporting.



ReCheck extracts only the data you need to check. It identifies the type of data (Date, Number, Text) and processes also aggregate information, such as sums and multiplications. If you need more complex rules to meet your needs, the powerful software confuguration features help you to recognize specific items in variable positions. Once extracted, ReCheck can compare the data of the documents with other you already have. If you need to check invoices, you can compare these data with the ones of the supplier’s price lists or the purchase orders, already saved inside ReCheck. Furthermore, it is possible to automate the creation of the book entry: all the data are automatically imported in your ERP, the operator must only verify and validate them. ReCheck can meet very different needs.


ReCheck extracts all the data. In your place.


ReCheck helps users, does not replace them. It can manage long and complex checking activities in an easier and faster way. If you have to extract data from PDF or XML documents, it identifies them automatically and extract only the ones you need for accounting activities as dates, amounts, protocols, holders and totals. In case of paper documents, OCR and ICR technology features convert scanned images into text and makes this data available. ReCheck does everything automatically, users have only to check its work, analyze the numbers and give a feedback to their manager. You can optimize your work and keep the focus on the important stuff. ReCheck simplifies the whole process.


Invoices, bills, forms, transport documents: all you need is ReCheck


We know, you have to check if the energy bills are correct and if the numbers are increased. And the colleague you saw at the coffee break said she has to speed up the accounting activities about the last invoices, avoiding errors in the data entry. Another one has already received a 400 pages document about the salesmen phone costs and he has to divide them to charge the costs. And all the forms the marketing department have received yesterday are filled out properly? If this situation looks like yours, ReCheck can give a big support to all of you. Your IT people configure the document templates your company needs, you’ve only to push the button: the software checks 200 PDFs per minute. In the end, data and results can be exported (CSV, Excel and XML file) to meet every need.

The software can be installed on your PCs and, once configured, you decide how to use it. No particular computer skills are required, ReCheck has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use system.

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