The Platform for Whistleblowing Procedures: WHISTLETECH

The Platform for Whistleblowing Procedures

Whistleblowing can be defined as the process through which somebody who witnessed an unlawful or wrongful act happened in a Company or organisation reports this act in a spontaneous and reserved way (see here). Employees but also third parties such as suppliers or Customers can become whistleblowers in case they decide to report an unlawful fact they witnessed. To manage reports of unlawful acts, Companies or organisations need a specific software to ensure compliance. WHISTLETECH is the solution that allows Companies to manage reports in a protected and efficient way.

Whistleblowing Regulation

In Italy, whistleblowing regulation started with Law 90/2012 which aimed at regulating unlawful acts’ reporting in public Companies. Law n. 179 of 30th November (here you can find the study by Italian Privacy Authority) focused on regulating the protection of whistleblowers reporting crimes or irregularities.  Whistleblowing norms and Regulations relate to and are integrated by Organisational and Management models provided for by Law 231/2001 as well. In 2018, further regulations concerning the protection of informer’s identity were published in order to be compliant with the GDPR.

European Directive 2019/1937 was published in November 2019 on the Official Journal of the European Union with the objective of granting a European standard for the protection of whistleblowing procedures. On March 2023, Italy adopted the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive approving the 24/2023 legislative decree. Now the private sector will be forced to establish common procedures for unlawful acts’ reporting.  

WHISTLETECH, the Solution to Manage Whistleblowing Procedures

To be effective a whistleblowing platform must be compliant with legal provisions to guarantee privacy protection both for the whistleblower and for the reported person. A simple e-mail box or telephone number to report unlawful acts are not adequate solutions to guarantee compliance to norms and regulations. WHISTLETECH is an online solution to manage whistleblowing procedures. A simple, dedicated and ready to use platform that helps Companies in being compliant to regulations.

To guarantee data & privacy protection, the entire process from report creation to report receipt can be managed on the platform. Only Responsibles identified by Companies (Supervisory Body, Responsibile for corruption prevention and transparency, Compliance, specifically appointed external consultants and other defined subjects) can access confidential information. WHISTLETECH guarantees compliance to applicable European and Italian norms regarding whistleblowing and has various functionalities.  

A Secure and Simple Management of Whistleblowing Procedures

With WHISTLETECH it is possible to access the online platform in an easy and immediate way to fill in the details of the report. The platform is online and can be easily consulted with every device and every web browser. To ensure the privacy of the whistleblower is protected, the system generates a 16 figures code associated to the report. The whistleblower can use the same code to ask questions or doubts to the organisation. Fields can be filled in a avery easy way thanks to a guided procedure with easy steps. There is also the possibility to configure a custodian role to ensure the identity of the whistleblower is protected.