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X DataNet finalizes 51% acquisition of Coincydence to grow further in Italian market

After a collaboration of more than two years, X DataNet completed the purchase of the company based in Padua, which focuses on mobile and web applications development, to pursue a new external growth strategy, whilst also maintaining a focus on internal growth. This strategy in particular has already brought to a double-figure growth in revenue, customers, and employees over the last three years.

X DataNetis an IT company belonging to CPL CONCORDIA group and focuses on the development of innovative platform solutions in the field of Corporate Governance and is pursuing an external growth strategy which brought to the acquisition of a 51% stake in Coincydence (https://coincydence.comThe company is based in Padua and focuses on the development of technology services designed to facilitate human collaboration. This is an important step since X DataNet can take advantage of a strengthened presence in the market and continue developing mobile and web solutions to meet the needs of important Italian companies.

We made this decision – announcesAlessandro Trionfini, Chief Executive Officer, X DataNet to keep growing even faster in the Italian market. Our internal growth strategy has brought excellent outcomes over the last three years resulting in a double-figure growth in the amount of employees, customers and revenue. Thanks to an external growth strategy completely in line with the internal growth one, we can move even faster in a very competitive market. Coincydence brings competences and people which perfectly meet our needs and will continue developing its own solutions and managing its customers".

X DataNet and Coincydence managers attending an event

X DataNet and Coincydence Managers together at an event organized by X DataNet . X DataNet is a reference company in Italy for the innovation of processes in the field of corporate governance. Thanks to solutions created by the Italian company, legal offices of medium and large companies both listed and non-listed can improve efficiency and security in processes and documents management. This has a tangible impact on productivity, cost reduction and environmental sustainability. The digitalization of Boards of Directors and Governing Bodies, the digitalization of Company Books, the implementation of Virtual Data Rooms to share information during M&A procedures are only some of the sectors in which X DataNet provides expertise.

We are happy to grow together with X DataNetunderlines Marco Longhin, Founder of Coincydence ecause over the last two years the collaboration has been excellent. I believe technology aims at making life easier for people who use it while arousing creativity. y working side by side with X DataNet we will have the chance to learn more and develop new solutions that are exactly the solutions companies are looking for.”

Coincydence was founded in 2018 and focuses on mobile and web development, it creates applications and manages technological projects that improve people’s life. oincydence provides consultancy services regarding integration with applications or third parties services. Other sectors in which Coincydence provides expertise are Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Over the years, the company based in Padua has created platforms for Nonprofit organizations, public entities, companies, companies that do social work and applications for organization management in the field of assistance and health protection. The partnership with X DataNet started in 2021 with the development of some projects.

X DataNet and Coincydence

X DataNet (www.xdatanet.com) and Coincydence (https://coincydence.com/) are two 100%Italian IT companies and focus on providing services to Italian companies. The Italian market has peculiar aspects and companies need to comply with a multitude of procedures in a very short period of time. This is why IT Directors and Legal Directors need to find partners with expertise and specific competencies in the Italian market who are capable of providing support for international projects as well. X DataNet is the right partner to support companies in such peculiar and fundamental processes.

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