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X DataNet organizes an event about Tech Governance in Milan

X DataNet and Dealflower are organizing the event: “Tech Governance: guiding companies’ efficiency through a digital mindset”, which is planned for Wednesday 27th of September 2023 in Milan (Valpetrosa street, 1A). The aim is analyzing how technology, today and not tomorrow, can play a decisive part in improving efficiency and information security inside companies’ legal teams.

A prominent role in the event is played by illimity Bank - a high-tech Italian bank – that is going to bring to the event its own experience as user of X DataNet software for the digitalization of processes related to Top Management Meetings. Andrea Guaccero, Full Professor of Private Comparative Law at the Department of Law of the Roma Tre University, has the role to explore the impact new technologies have in corporate law and finance.

The event is part of a partnership between X DataNet, which plays a fundamental role as developer of technological solutions for Corporate Governance in Italy, and Dealflower, the digital Economic-Financial newspaper and Web TV from Milan that aims at describing business in an innovative way. This active collaboration puts the IT sector in contact with the business one and is useful to understand how companies can be more efficient and productive thanks to a digital mindset.

This event has been designed to give participants three points of view to think about. That of an IT Company which designs and develops technology, that of an important and innovative bank that uses and improves one of those solutions and that of a professional who knows both the regulatory and the business context in which Italian companies operate. We are going to delve into various topics regarding Governance and Compliance such as dematerialization of minutes of Top Management Meetings and the role of Artificial Intelligence in an informal and professional context. he aim of the event is that of organizing a cocktail party in which speakers and participants can get to know each other and talk about future in a simple, direct and useful way.
Alessandro Trionfini, Chief Executive Officer of X DataNet and speaker during the event.

This is the first of a list of events that X DataNet is organizing to deepen various topics such as the fundamental role of General Counsels as regards ESG criteria, compliance and innovation (in Italian), the norms regulating whistleblowing for Italian Companies (in Italian), the evolution of sharholders’ meetings (in Italian) and the role of data rooms in due diligence processes in Italy (in Italian). All these aspects will be dealt with during specific events. For more information concerning the event “Tech Governance: guiding companies’ efficiency through a digital mindset” you can have a look at the dedicated web page (in Italian).

An update about the event

The September 27, 2023 event went very well in every respect. Dealflower has already published the article "Technology and Ai to Efficient Boards, Not Future but Reality" (read here) derived from Aperitech, and we had a number of general counsel, chief legal officers and law firm lawyers among the participants. Some photos from the Aperitech event.

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